Bankruptcy Course



This site is different from a blog discussing credit repair options because it assumes that you have already filed and have a scheduled creditors meeting. Most people start their bankruptcy research online before contacting an attorney which is good.

Not everyone can afford going through an attorney for bankruptcy.  If you are going to go it alone I suggest the bankruptcy books by Nolo Press on how to file bankruptcy without an attorney.

As a bankruptcy filer, you should go to debtor education course to finish completing your required 2nd bankruptcy course from an approved vendor.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

If you are faced with a very big financial problem brought upon by the loss of your job, an expensive illness or even a divorce. Or if you have a mortgage on your home then you’ll probably find it very hard to keep pace with the payments.

This can lead to a situation where your creditors push to have your house or other assets repossessed so that they can recover some part of the money you owe them, if not the whole thing. This is a very difficult time for you and can also lead to many negative consequences.

You need to have as much bankruptcy info as possible so that you do the right things and our courses will help you find the best solution to your debt problems.